6 Brands That Have Successfully Become More Human

Pads and periods came to mind when I used to think of Always, but that’s not the case anymore. Always recently came out with a brilliant video to have a conversation of what the phrase “like a girl” means. It was a powerful and well executed video that digs deeper than its actual product. Beyond pads with wings, “Always has been empowering girls globally, bringing puberty education to millions of adolescent girls.” At the core its product, the mission of Always is profoundly human.

ALWAYS: #LikeAGirl

Always isn’t the first brand to promote itself more humanly. My fabric softener inspires me to be more touchy feely and huggable through heartwarming stories. My body wash has me questioning how I might describe my own physical beauty. The graham crackers I eat educates me on the modern definition of wholesome. My soda gives me more reasons to be happy. My internet browser melts my heart through a story how a dad connects with his daughter.

The key to the success of these campaigns? They’re all unexpected and engaging. They make me feel. They make me think. Who would’ve thought my graham cracker would teach me about love? I now have tremendous respect for these brands for their positive energy, and I challenge other brands to do the same. My Dyson vacuum should campaign for food recovery when 40% of all food in our country is never eaten while millions do not have consistent access to food. My Sensodyne toothpaste should define why water is life. My Maytag laundry machine–if I actually had one living in San Francisco–should question if the homeless have become invisible.

Let’s share stories. Let’s engage in meaningful conversations. Let’s all surprise each other on how we can be a little more human to human (#H2H). Enjoy some of my favorite video campaigns!

Be More Huggable

DOVE: Real Beauty Sketches (by Ogilvy & Mather)

Honey Maid: This is Wholesome (by Droga 5)

COCA COLA: Happiness Machine


6 Brands That Have Successfully Become More Human

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